Tom Leykis Returns to the Airwaves; Expect Mucho John & Ken Bashing/Support

The day that multitudes of men (and more than a few women) have been waiting for three years is here: Tom Leykis, former radio genius on KFI-AM 640 and KLXS-FM 97.1 is back!



Damn straight we do. And you should, too!

Leykis will be streaming his show locally online over at, starting at 3pm PST today and continuing forever. We'll have an interview with him later this week, but one topic that's on Tom's mind is the recent suspension of KFI's John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou for calling Whitney Houston a "crack ho"; their subsequent forced apology led Leykis to call them "total fucking pussies." But the recent move by the Los Angeles City Council to admonish talk radio for, you know, talking, isn't sitting well with Tom, which might lead to that wonderful scenario in rhetoric: trashing a point, yet defending it against bigger pendejos.

Great to have you back, Tom. Now, take us out Kobe Bryant style...

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