Great news at UCI
Great news at UCI

Today's UC Irvine Rifle Incident Resolved Officially

Using it's emergency text messaging system, UC Irvine officials alerted its students tonight just after 9 p.m. that today's scare over a potential rifleman on campus has been "resolved safely" after a suspect was located with an imitation gun.

According to a team of six OC Register reporters, a student who'd been using a pellet gun for target practice in Laguna Canyon was the suspect. A university spokesman said the student has been "cleared" of any wrongdoing. Perhaps he'll think twice in the future about wearing camouflage jeans and cap.

It's nice when a potentially ugly crime scene turns out to be an innocent misunderstanding.

But don't rest yet folks!

UPDATE: The Reg is also reporting that after 8 p.m. City of Orange police began looking for a potential gunman on the campus of Santiago Canyon College.


--R. Scott Moxley & David J. Nicolas / OC Weekly


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