Today's Fun California Prostitution Fact

Black pimps apparently get a perk
Black pimps apparently get a perk

"Prostitutes can look other men in the eye, but not a black male pimp."

--An observation made by three California Court of Appeal judges this week before reversing a pandering conviction of Gerald Dennorest Mangham, a 27-year-old pimp who was trolling for workers outside the Santa Ana jail in May 2007. According to the court's opinion--which relied on an undercover cop's expertise, the price of a prostitute "eyeballing" a black male pimp is the loss of all of her money and "he can make her his." Though--like a 2008 Orange County jury--they were convinced of Mangham's profession, the justices overturned the conviction (and the four-year prison sentence) on an unrelated jury instruction error. The district attorney's office will have to decide if it will retry the case. No word if white male pimps feel the eyeball rule is discriminatory.

After the jump: Mangham's mugshot.

Gerald Dennorest Mangham
Gerald Dennorest Mangham

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