It's not a crime if the sheriff does it
It's not a crime if the sheriff does it

To The Very End, Mike Carona is a Shameless Hypocrite

Please, please, please don't punish me for my criminal activity!

--The position ex-Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona is taking with U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Guilford, who will decide on April 27 what punishment is fitting for the former top cop's repeated illegal efforts to sabotage a federal grand jury investigating corruption at the Orange County Sheriff's Department. 

In other words, judge, Carona doesn't want you to follow his own official campaign stance during the nine years before his arrest by IRS and FBI agents: Absolutely no leniency for crooks.

The self-declared Christian conservative, who secretly took free custom-made suits, private jet trips, casino gambling chips, illegal campaign contributions, hotel rooms for sex dates, a boat and cash from businessmen seeking favors, promises he'll dedicate his life to charity if he escapes a single day of incarceration.   

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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