To Run for Office, Orly Taitz Turns to OC Gay Activists

To Run for Office, Orly Taitz Turns to OC Gay Activists

A reader pointed out this gem posted on Orly Taitz's blog yesterday:

I decided to check out possibility of running and called Orange County elections office. nobody answered. I left two messages, nobody called back. I drove to the office at the 1700 E Garry Str, ste 231, Santa Ana CA. The office is locked, no schedule of working hours.

I wonder: if one wants to run for office, how does one register, picks up forms, how does one communicate?

This is hilarious. Why?

Well, there's no government office at 1700 E. Garry Street in Santa Ana. What's there, though, is the Elections Committee of the County of Orange. Otherwise known as ECCO. Otherwise known as one of the oldest LGBT political advocacy groups in Orange County.

Dr. Taitz is many things--dentist, lawyer, mother, activist, karate master--but there is one thing she is not: a gay-rights activist.

Writes our tipster:

So in her quest to unseat Obama (via an elected office), Taitz apparently did some sort of Internet search for elections in Orange County, landed upon ECCO PAC, drove to their office, knocked on their doors, and then blogged about her failure.

And she think she's ready for a statewide office?  Or even ready to manage a campaign for a statewide office?

For the record, we bet she found the place with this search.


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