To Do Tonight 12/3

Robert Kapilow, composer and conductor leads a chamber orchestra. Not balloon animals.
Cerritos Center, 12700 Center Court Dr. Cerritos, CA


The crowd may be slim due to Prop 8 boycotts, but at least you'll get a good seat.
Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, 615 Town Center Dr. Costa Mesa, CA


Film Screening of It's A Wonderful Life, 8 p.m.
Before the Christmas onslaught begins--the shopping, the parties, the rushing around, the (more) parties, the traveling, the endless cries of "gimme, gimme, gimme"--wouldn't it be lovely to take an evening to remember what it's all about?
Bay Theater - Seal Beach, 340 Main St., Seal Beach, CA


Redneck Wednesdays, 6 p.m.

Turtlenecks and scarves help cover the evidence.
In Cahoots/Club Rio, 1401 S. Lemon, Fullerton, CA



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