Sorry, Obama's government and the Chinese communists don't value your life
Sorry, Obama's government and the Chinese communists don't value your life

To Barack Obama Administration, Government Forced Abortion & Sterilization Isn't Persecution

President Barack Obama felt compelled today to whine about tough words Susan Rice, his United Nation's ambassador, has taken from two Republican senators over the Sept. 11 Benghazi tragedy.

At one point during his White House press conference, Obama looked as if he wanted to fist fight John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

But the president had no outrage at the conduct of his own federal Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) for its callous, bureaucratic treatment of Aihua Chen.

Chen is a Chinese native who is seeking asylum in the United States after the communist government in his homeland forced his wife to undergo an involuntary abortion and persecuted the couple for trying to raise an abandoned baby girl. 

He argued that government agents threatened to sterilize his wife if they are returned to China, but officials in Obama's Department of Justice, where the BIA is housed, didn't care. They declared Chen's fear of forced sterilization for his wife wasn't a big deal and denied his request for asylum.

This month, a three-judge panel at the California-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the BIA had erred, reversed the ruling and granted Chen's appeal for asylum.

I wonder what Obama would have said if McCain and Graham had threatened to sterilize Rice.

The communist government in China has a ruthless one-child policy for couples.

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