Titus Young, Former Detroit Lions Receiver, Probably Sets NFL Record By Being Arrested Thrice in a Week

Titus Young only played two NFL seasons, both with the Detroit Lions. But he must've set an NFL record of some sorts this past week by being arrested on three separate occasions: in Moreno Valley for DUI and attempting to steal his possessed car from an impound lot early last week, and for burglary, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer this past Friday in San Clemente.

And while those pansies in the Moreno Valley let Young go off easy, the Orange County's Sheriff's Department ain't so nice: they want to charge Young with a couple of felonies.

But Young should be counting his lucky stars, because his encounter with the men in green could've been worse. The PR person for this story is one Joe Balicki, whom faithful readers of this infernal rag will remember as being a trigger-happy S.O.B of a lawman.

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