Was a custom helmet necessary for Ortiz's giant dome?
Was a custom helmet necessary for Ortiz's giant dome?

Tito Ortiz Can't Drive: Hits Wall and Movie Star's Car During Celebrity Race Practice Run

Tito Ortiz can't do much right, these days. In the Octagon, he's a shadow of the championship-caliber fighter he once was. He can't keep the problems of his marriage to adult entertainment legend Jenna Jameson out of the public eye (the pair have been known to carry on arguments on Twitter). And based on what happened on Tuesday, at the practice run for the "Fueled by Fame" Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, the guy isn't much of a driver either.

According to TMZ.com, while feeling out his Toyota Scion in preparation for the April 16 race in Long Beach, Ortiz first found the wall, before later putting an end to his vehicle by rear-ending Blood Diamond star, Djimon Hounsou.

A photo of the vehicle after the jump.

Would we be better off blaming the poor driving ability on the abundance of muscles or the oversize head, neither of which would be ideal for high-speed racing? Maybe he's been having to stay up late fulfilling his fatherly duties with his 2-year-old twins. Whatever may be the case, Ortiz would be wise to be on his guard on race day considering his fighting career may be on the line.

There have been no reports of injury to either driver, but the concern from critics and commenters is that there may be lingering affects or another crash (read: potential excuses) leading up to Ortiz's next (and possibly last) UFC fight on July 2, versus Ryan Bader. 

UFC president Dana White has made it rather clear that if Ortiz loses his next fight--which would make it six straight fights without a win (he had a draw in July 2007)--he would release the fighter from his contract. White has made a point to maintain a high level of fighter quality, which means losing streaks can be career-threatening.

The "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" has not made any indication that he will back out of the celebrity race or his fight with Bader.

All Tito's doing.
All Tito's doing.


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