Tim Thompson Puts Stars in Your Eyes Tonight

Astronomer Tim Thompson is so jazzed by NASA's Kepler Mission, which is searching part of the Milky Way for planets much like ours, that he wants to tell you all about its current progress.

And he'll share this tonight. For free!

Screw clubbing, Stefon.

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Concordia University Irvine's Chemisty-Physics Department hosts tonight's update at 7 on the mission that is surveying a portion of our region of the Milky Way galaxy in search of Earth-sized planets in or near the habitable zone.

Thompson is the former president and a lifetime member of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society and a board member with the Mount Wilson Observatory Association. An avid linguist, astronomer and physicist, he began his career in the U.S. Air Force and later toiled at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The lecture will be held in Concordia's Grimm Hall, DeNault Auditorium, at 1530 Concordia West, Irvine.

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