Thursday's Headlines. No Surprises: Little Saigon - NYC Style?

  • "Cruel" to the Caronas: Yesterday, federal prosecutors produced a list of two dozen friends and associates they believe the Caronas should stay away from - including former Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl, Mrs. Carona's best friend, two friends from Florida and their tax accountant. Not an odd request since our dear sheriff is being accused of witness tampering, but the couple's lawyers called it "unnecessary and almost cruel."
  • Little Saigon - NYC style? After studying Little Saigon in October, experts from the Urban Land Institute are proposing transforming the area into a tourist destination with lofts, fancy stores, hotels, sidewalk cafes and a "Vietnamese American Times Square" with plasma screens and electronic headlines.
  • Newport nastiness: The Daily Pilot reports that Mary Hamilton of Newport Beach faces two counts of lewd acts with a minor: one for masturbation and another for oral copulation. Hamilton was arrested Oct. 23 after being caught engaging in sex acts with a 14-year-old boy (a family friend) in her NB home. “The concern is that the 14-year-old victim did not come forward and report the event,” said one cop.
  • Not so anonymous: Yesterday, the Times reported that an anonymous donor was giving $1 million to Santiago fire victims. Today, they trace the donation to David Gelbaum, a reclusive Newport Beach billionaire.
  • Today at 11 a.m.: It's Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week at Cal State Fullerton. This morning at 11, personal accounts of being homeless in Orange County will will be told at the Becker Amphitheatre.


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