Thursday's Headlines

  • About that balloon: The Register has an update on the Great Park balloon story for y'all. Ready? OK: People are actually riding it. Yep, that's the update. Later! (More balloon photos from the Weekly's trip here.)
  • While the web editor's away: Kevin Roderick of LA Observed took a much-needed vacation, but the folks running the site in his absence missed the OC Reg departing publisher story. Roderick would have been all over that one. So they didn't break the news, no big, but it's quite strange that it wasn't even mentioned in today's morning news roundup.
  •'s mini-face lift: I don't know if anyone else noticed, but a simple font and color change on articles at the Times' website makes them much easier to read. They look I'm guessing this is part of the "Botox treatment" web executive editor Meredith Artley talked about when she started months ago.
  • Man meat extravaganza part II: Remember how I said to grab your binoculars and head to Newport Beach to see some lifeguard action yesterday? The Register must've been listening. They even took video. How thoughtful.
  • Free Tix Fridays: Every Friday, we'll be giving away tickets to local shows at our music blog, Heard Mentality. Tomorrow's giveaway: 15 pairs of tix to see glam metal parody band Metal Skool on August 31st in Long Beach. Check out HM before noon to win.


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