• Millions for motels: Buena Park is buying run-down motels on Beach Boulevard in an attempt to curb crime in the area — supposedly giving parolees and probationers fewer living-space options.
  • Long Beach claims Sochi: The Russian city just nabbed the 2014 Olympic bid, and LB is calling Sochi its "sister city." The two have been doing business for 18 years, notes the AP.
  • Relaxed rules: Laguna Beach lifeguards say they'll be less stringent with diving laws.
  • Nutrition education: A lot of pomp, pizazz and money's been poured into it on a national level. But does it work? So far . . . no.
  • One of those days: No fresh OC news from the Times today. (Note: They had that bit on Al Gore III up yesterday.)

Thursday's Headlines

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