Thursday's Headlines

  • iPhone or iFlop? Apple slashes $200 off the $599 8-Gig iPhone price tag. Christmas in September for some, and bah humbug for those who waited in line overnight...either way, investors are worried.
  • Still...more...Martin: School trustee Harald Martin has resigned, but the anti-Martin camp still wants its signature-collecting to count for something (a special election to fill his seat, as we noted the other day). Yesterday, an Orange County Superior Court judge said the sigs would be counted, but the election will be another judge's decision on Sept. 17.
  • Who got it wrong? Yesterday, the Register reported that the HB City Council "voted Tuesday to make Huntington Beach the first city in the state to adopt a program forcing pet owners to spay or neuter and to have microchips inserted into their cats and dogs." Today, the Times reports that the city is merely considering drafting such an ordinance. So who's right? Check out item F-2 on the council's Sept. 4 agenda and decide for yourself. The recommended action bit reads "Motion to: Provide staff with direction regarding drafting an ordinance that requires spaying, neutering, and microchipping for dogs and cats."
  • Foiled by mac n' cheese: In today's LAT Column One, a team from Orange Coast College heads to Florida to compete in the American Culinary Federation's national championships - The Super Bowl of college cooking. A macaroni mishap costs them first place.
  • To do tonight: It's the first Thursday of the month, which means an art walk through Laguna Beach. Catch a free shuttle at 6:15 p.m. at the Laguna Art Museum. Details here.


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