• Adios, chocolate! The Hershey Company's closing its California plant -cutting 575 jobs- and opening shop in Mexico.
  • It's painful to be pretty: Athlete Allison Stokke of Newport Harbor High has her eye on the pole vaulting state championships. But her unwanted online following would rather she play with a different sort of pole.
  • Hate speech or free speech? UC Irvine's chancellor tries to pacify the Jewish community.
  • Tsk Tsk: A 14-year-old boy is a suspect in yesterday's duck-stabbing story.
  • Suckered by PR? Apparently the Daily Pilot thinks it's news when Ace Hardware hands out fire extinguishers.
  • Leaving so soon? The guy who was supposed to become superintendent of the troubled San Juan Capistrano Unified School District in July has changed his mind...after all the crap the last supe stirred up, who can blame him?

Thursday's Haul

Image: LAT


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