Thursday A.M. Shocker!!! Not All Register Readers Are Nutbars!!!

You would, of course, expect an Orange County Register story on local Muslim reaction to President Obama's Cairo speech to elicit online comments like these . . .

NewportBob: President Obama is way over his head getting involved in this big picture "let's get along folks now" presentation.

Super IQ: Obama should be living in Disney's Fantasyland not the White House. He's making a complete ass out of himself kissing those Muslim tushes right now. Wait till the Muslim terorists strike on his watch...he'll be singing a different tune then.

OC Voice: Yeah, no reason why we can't get along with murderers. I guess we can't apologize enough for making the Muslims kill 3,000 American men, women and children. I wonder why we didn't try to "I'm sorry game" with Hitler. I am sure he would have changed his mind, too. Perfect reason why idiot liberals should never be in charge of national defense.

OC Observer: Just a matter of time before Obama starts his "adopt a Taliban" program. How would these Muslims trust Barry while he's sending more American troops into Afghanistan to kill them? That's sort of like asking you to trust your next door neighbor while he's sleeping with your wife. We are living in a bizarre world. Fer shur.

Push the Button: Wake up ,USA, Muslims ARE NOT and WILL NOT be our friends. They believe in keeping their friends close and their enemies closer. Barry Hussein Obama is going down the wrong path! President George W. Bush kept this country from being attacked by the Muslims after 9/11. What will Barry do WHEN the Muslims attack us during his watch?

Remmy 700p: WAKE UP! This is not a matter of political dialogue. This is a 1,000 year war and they are willing to fight it for 1,000 years more.

45yr OC Native: No one can ever change the way the enemy thinks. Muslims just have too much hate for us and they will never be our friends because they are not civilized people. They are hateful and are jealous extremists. This whole Obama visit just may tick them off even more.

. . . And so on. Perhaps it is a reflection of Obama's still-high approval ratings, widespread agreement with efforts to dialogue with Middle East Muslims or a refreshing outbreak of sanity, but just as many of those commenting to the Register story rushed to the president's defense.

 xxAlfxx: ocobserver, ocvoice, and the ironically named superiq. All within 3 minutes of each other, too. When it comes to interjecting the right-fringe position, they're more predictable than Pavlov's dog. ;)

Beekeeper: OMG you people are so narrow minded it is embarrassing.


RS in the OC: [Obama] recognizes . . . there are Muslims who abhor the violence of the Taliban and Al Queda just as much as we do. . . .  Just because 19 Muslims flew planes into buildings, it doesn't make them all murders. Should we lock up all Christians because Scott Roeder killed a doctor?


Bad Wolf: Yes, it's nice to finally have adults who care about the future of this planet in the White House. I may not agree with everything that Obama has done, but there is no denying the positive effect his presidency is having internationally.


Hunter R83: It's never too late to grow up and make peace with one another. We don't have to be best friends, but we could at least stop harassing each other. To give excuses about why we can't get along is childish. I'd imagine if I couldn't get along with a kid at school and my parents asked me why and I told them, "No, there is too much distrust and hate," I'd get a swift slap upside the head for being idiotic.


Plummie: Invading Iraq using made-up intelligence wasn't getting in over our head? Please. This is getting us on the right track.


Sanc Mom: So ya think G.W. did it better? American presidents have always been figures on the world stage...except, of course, Bush, who managed to get his only international attention when he inappropriately gave the German chancellor a back rub. President Obama is obviously being heard and respected around the world. Why shouldn't he be talking about peace, even in the most general sense? Eight years of hawkish behavior has done nothing to make the world (and the U.S.) a safer place.


Pink Indie: Remmy 700p: Yeah, you're right. Refusing to talk got us EVERYWHERE, didn't it. Ha. Push the Button: Give me a break. We were attacked under George Bush's watch. One thing ALL security experts agree on is that we will be attacked again, no matter who is in charge. Whether that is a 9/11 style attack or dirty bomb in a mall, it will happen. How on Earth do we stop the dirty bomb in a mall scenario? It's virtually impossible. That's why you begin the dialogue w/ the Muslim world. You beat the extremists at their own propaganda game. You remove the reasons for hatred (torture). You agree to constructive talks. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Fourth Generation: As usual the wacko right wing extremists talk about anything and everything but the context of the notice at hand. You only have to put the name Obama in a title and they start inmediately to foam at the mouth and turn incoherent. They start moozling around aimlessly stuttering words like socialist, lefty, Hussein...... blah blah, blah. It would be hilarious if it was not pathetic.










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