Jerry Brown, announcing some other babosada...
Jerry Brown, announcing some other babosada...
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Thomas A. Delaney, OC's Newest Judge, was Favored Lawyer of Pedophile-Protecting Groups

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown announced two new Orange County Superior Court judges: Thomas A. Delaney, and Nancy E. Zeltzer. No idea on who Zeltzer is, but Delaney's inclusion raised alarms in the part of my brain that tracks pedophile priests and their secular pedophile pals.

Simply put, our new Hizzoner made mucho money defending pedophile-protecting groups in the past couple of years, especially as the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal spilled over into other organizations that had long protected perverts in plain sight.

Roll call!

  • The Boy Scouts: Delaney represented the Scouts, arguing against them turning over secret personnel files that showed how the Scouts knew about the perverts within their midst over the decades. He lost that argument
  • Catholic Church: Delaney represented different parts of the Catholic Church, including the Salesians against brothers who said they were molested by a Salesian. Delaney won that one, arguing statute of limitations invalidated their claims--ain't it nice!
  • Los Angeles Unified School District: Delaney was the lead lawyer for the LAUSD in its current fight against dozens of pervert teachers over the decades. In that case, a judge sanctioned Delaney's firm for withholding evidence. Delaney, for his part, was charging LAUSD $500 an hour for his firm's services--because there's nothing like bilking cash-strapped schools, eh?

For his part, Delaney's web page at Irvine-based Sedgwick Law states "There may be no firm in America with greater breadth or depth of experience defending institutions sued for sexual assaults by employees, or others...Sedgwick does not typically represent individuals accused of sexual assault, instead representing persons or institutions accused of a duty to prevent or protect against the assault."

Heckuva job, Brownie!

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