This Week in the OC Weekly

Find out what our greatest blogs of the year were in our year end blogapoloza! We've lifted the best blurbage from Navel Gazing, Heard Mentality and Stick a Fork In It, each of which you need to peruse daily.


• The Weekly's standing columns, ¡Ask a Mexican!, Hey You! and Savage Love.

Restaurant reviews of Lost Bean Coffeehouse in Tustin and El Cabrito in Santa Ana.

Culture focuses on the years best graphic books and novels and Trendzilla talks digital and air-wave perms.

• Our film critics review "The Reader," "Defiance" and listings of local special screenings.

Music features articles on making a case against current R&B, Fee Waybill and The Tubes. Albert Ching reviews our local music venues. Locals Only listens to My Pet Saddle and we've got a CD reviews of Arrington de Dionyso's "I See Beyond the Black Sun" (K Records) and E-40's "The Ball Street Journal" (Warner Brothers).

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