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PhotobucketIn "Metheds to His Madness" Vickie Chang investigates Ed McKie, the man who wants to create a safe space for gay recovering meth addicts in the Santa Ana Artists’ Village. His efforts have gone . . . about how you’d expect. Badly.

In "Suits vs. Skins" Matt Coker looks at San Onofre nudists. Do they stand a stitch of a chance against the state's efforts to cover them up?

In "Doctored Evidence?" Nick Schou looks at a lawsuit alleging an intriguing theory about how a pair of gloves and a gun ended up in a whistleblower physician’s car.


• The Weekly's standing columns, ¡Ask a Mexican!, Hey You! and Savage Love

Restaurant reviews of Blake's Place in Anaheim and Green Rice in Huntington Beach.

Culture focuses on the utopias of sponge and cardboard at the Huntington Beach Art Center, Rude Guerrilla's 'The Seven Deadly Sins,' Taking the Maxi Dress to the Max and Viva La 'Revolution'

Film reviews of Swing Vote, The Mummy and local special screenings

Music dishes on Mötley Crüe; NOMO's modernized Afrobeat; Rex Reason looks at San Clemente's Büddafinger in Aural Reports; Locals Only listens to Barrett Johnson, 'In Case I Went Missing' and read new CDs, Abe Vigoda, 'Skeleton' (Post Present Medium) and Daedelus, 'Love to Make Music To' (Ninja Tune) are reviewed

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