This Week in the OC Weekly

In our annual music issue, "Feedback":

Vickie Chang educates us about OC musician Pat Visel and his music that no one has heard.

Chris Ziegler interviews Greyboy about how he looks to make a name for himself with a new Best-of compilation

Ned Ragget talks to KUCI DJ Sam Farzin about 'College Rock'

Ryan Ritchie tells us why Long Beach's Mike Monster isn't just pretending to be spooky

In News:

Nick Schou explains why the DA dropped charges against Frank Santos, who was accused of pushing a Garden Grove cop in "Push Comes to Shove".

And R. Scott Moxley educates us on Mike Carona's defense team accidentally producing a rougue-cop hero in Don Haidl in this week's "Moxley Confidential".


• The Weekly's standing columns, ¡Ask a Mexican!, Hey You! and Savage Love.

Restaurant reviews of 85ºC and Durango Mexican Grill.

Culture focuses on Movies, Mulch and Music at Grand Central Art Center and @Space Gallery, a book review of Tim Lane's graphic short-story collection 'Abandoned Cars', and Trenzilla talks Chanel jackets.

Film reviews of 'Milk', 'Australia' and local special screenings.

Music features articles on LD and Ariano and Goth Rock's Sisters of Mercy and The Birthday Massacre. Chris Ziegler looks at Koichi Sanchez in Aural Reports, Locals Only listens to Walk In Medical, and we've got CD reviews of Eagles of The (International) Noise Consparicy's 'The Cross of My Calling' and Kanye West's '808s and Heartbreak'.

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