This Week in the OC Weekly

In "Cells From Hell" Daffodil J. Altan interviews a nurse who says her futile efforts to improve the women’s infirmary at the Orange County Central Jail Complex have broken her body and haunt her dreams.

"Moxley Confidential: The Lion That Meowed" has R. Scott Moxley examines Chris Cox. He says he’s a tough Wall Street regulator at the SEC, but the record proves otherwise.

And "Idiot Box" has Rich Kane explaining why the newly dumbed-down DayBreak OC is the funniest Orange County-centered Sitcom since Arrested Development.


• The Weekly's standing columns, ¡Ask a Mexican!, Hey You! and Savage Love

Restaurant reviews of The Retreat at the Spa in Costa Mesa and Plaza Bakery in Fullerton

Culture focuses on 'Mel's Hole' at the Grand Central Art Center and South Coast Rep's 'Dead Man's Cell Phone'. Trendzilla talks the return of grunge and Game On dissects 'Rock Band 2'

Film reviews of 'Blindness,' 'Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist," 'How to Lose Friends & Alienate People' and local special screenings

Music features articles on the Look Daggers and University By the Sea/Schooled In Song Music and Arts Festival. Rex Reason looks at ceasing the fatality and shredding the soft hardcore in Aural Reports, Locals Only listens to Cold War Kids' 'Loyalty to Loyalty' (Downtown), and we've got a CD review of The Week That Was, 'The Week That Was' (Memphis Industries)

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