This Week in OC Weekly

In "Hive and Seek" Gustavo Arellano discusses saving Orange County's bees--and possibly breaking the odd city code and state law in the process--with the Backyard Beekeepers.

And R. Scott Moxley takes a look at what OC's Board of Supervisors has been doing with its loose change for the past few months in "Times are Tight."


  • The Weekly's standing columns, ¡Ask a Mexican!, Hey, You! and Savage Love.
  • Restaurant reviews of Royal Kitchen carne and Flor Blanca #2.
  • Culture focuses on Box Gallery's Kraken and Kraten with Aaron Kraten and Keith Noordzy, William Lobdell's new book and Trendzilla talks about ugly shoes--shoes with individual toe holes. Uck.
  • Our film critics discuss "Crossing Over" and local special screenings.
  • Music features articles on Cut Off Your Hands and Robedoor. Albert Ching's "Sound Guy" column looks at Will Crum; Locals Only  listens to Honey Pie; and we've got CD reviews of MC Lars's "This Giant Robot Kills" (Crappy Records) and "The Spirit of Apollo" by N.A.S.A. (Anti-).


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