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In "The Man Who Isn't There" Daffodil J. Altan discusses Orange County's new Mexican Consul, Carlos Rodriguez y Quezada.

And Matt Coker takes a look at the infighting among Juaeno Indian factions as Anthony Rivera's tribal council says Chief David Balardes is not Juaneno in "Blood Feud."


  • The Weekly's standing columns, ¡Ask a Mexican!, Hey, You! and Savage Love.
  • Restaurant reviews of Villa Roma's carne and Macksan's Cafe.
  • Culture focuses on SCR's "Noises Off" and Trendzilla talks about swimsuits. In February.
  • Our film critics discuss "Katyn," "Two Lovers" and local special screenings.
  • Music features articles on Everest and Dear and the Headlights. Albert Ching's "Sound Guy" column looks at UCI's Acrobatics Everyday; Locals Only  listens to Out on a Limb; and we've got CD reviews of Morrassey's "Years of Refusal" (Lost Highway) and "Dark Was the Night" by Various Artists (4AD).


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