This Saturday in Migrating Bird Chic

Watch the skies. For on St. Joseph's Day, March 19, the swallows were to return to Mission San Juan Capistrano. What? Not yet? Well, let's hope they have the common courtesy to make an appearance at tomorow's Swallows Day Parade in SJC.

Yes, that's right, everyone, their grandparents and their kids will scurry down in hopes of glimpsing the as-yet absent birdies return to their seasonal digs. Be the first on your block to catch the bird flu! But even if the swallows don't show, we've still got a parade, booths, music, and a whole lot of porta-johns. I hope.

Come on down from 8 am til 6 pm and sink your teeth into the tender flank of Orange County heritage. A disreputable Weekling may be lurking about, lying in wait for some poor sap to ask him about toll roads.


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