Did Sandra piss off some more republicans this weekend?
Did Sandra piss off some more republicans this weekend?
John Gilhooley / OCW

This Memorial Weekend Brought Us Gross Waters and Bland Cops

What did you miss by turning off the Internet and getting a sunburn this weekend?

Honestly, not a lot. Something happened with North Korea, yeah. But in Orange County? Fluff fluff and fluff. Here's your recommended reading from OC's media world from the past three days:

The Reg has your omnibus Memorial Day ceremonies story. I liked the one with the Chapman prof dressing up like Dwight Eisenhower.

Dana Parsons
of the Los Angeles Times writes a shorter version of Moxley's cover story on Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, complete with Adam Probolsky quotes! It's about the 2010 election and how certain OC GOP-ers already want the woman's head. She's either really good at keeping her cool, or -- as Probolsky asserts -- just really boring.

This Reg story about a foreclosed home in Mission Viejo turned stinky and decrepit is good mainly for the accompanying picture. That pool is really green.

Similarly, this annually refried piece about OC's water parks (Alright! Wild Rivers is still in business!) is good mainly for the accompanying reader comment: "Yes I cant wait to go swimming in urine"

From the department of awful: A Fullerton paralegal pleads guilty to tricking a dementia-suffering 84-year-old lawyer to sell his law practice for a $20 bill.

Martin Wisckol fact-checks the "recall Jeff Miller" campaign. Whatdayaknow, Republicans aren't the most accurate cannibals around.

The Daily Pilot's got a terrible tail (ha!) of coyote violence: "The Gelmans knew their beloved diabetic cat was no more when he failed to return one evening a few weeks ago for his regular injection."

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher gets into a spat with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He apparently doesn't realize they send out the same press releases for every republican who voted against the stimulus bill.

Hmm, that ended up being more reading originally anticipated. Feel free to skip everything on the list, then.


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