This Joint's For You: An Open Letter To Sheriff Sandra Hutchens About Medical Marijuana

Dear Sheriff Hutchens,

We here at

OC Weekly

would like to extend our heartfelt condolences about your recent diagnosis of breast cancer. We're glad, however, that you plan to remain in office while you seek treatment, since you're the best sheriff this county's ever had--and yes, we know that's not saying much.

But seriously, breast cancer is no joke, and we all hope you will experience a full and speedy recovery. That said, we have a serious question to pose: Have you considered smoking medical marijuana to treat the nausea and pain that typically accompanies cancer treatment?

THC, the chemical compound inside pot that makes the smoker feel high (and hungry!) is said to work wonders for folks dealing with the side-effects of chemotherapy. And then there's cannabidiol, or CBD, which has no psychoactive effect and which counters the munchies. According to recent research first reported by Alternet's Allan Badinermarijuana with a high ratio of CBD is demonstrating great promise in treating breast cancer.

"CBD is beginning to be recognized by researchers at mainstream medical institutions around the world as a potentially very powerful weapon against cancer," Badiner writes. "Researchers Sean D. McAllister and Pierre Desprez, who conducted studies of CBD's effect on cancer cells for California Pacific Medical Center, suggest that these non-psychoactive compounds from the cannabis plant might, in short order, render chemotherapy and radiation distant second and third options for cancer patients. Based on a more recent study, McAllister and Desprez feel that CBD's "could stop breast cancer from spreading."

I recently interviewed several severely ill Orange County residents with a group called Patient Med-Aid. Some of them were terminally-ill cancer patients, who smoke cannabis to treat their illnesses. They report that while marijuana may not cure them of their conditions, it at least gives them some solace and stops the pain. 

It might work for you, too. And the good news is that, assuming you get a doctor's note allowing you to smoke cannabis in California, it's still not too late to find marijuana in Orange County. (Although it is getting harder and harder to do so, what with all those city bans on pot and raids by local, county, state and federal law enforcement officials).

If you're interested in trying medical marijuana, you might consider calling Patient Med-Aid's Marla James at (714) 455-9946, which I'd highly recommend doing: your cancer diagnosis might make you eligible to obtain free cannabis from the group.

If you think cannabis isn't for you, or that it would set a bad example for the rank and file, seeing as how you're OC's top cop, we understand. In that case, please get better, keep up the good work, and don't arrest any pot-smoking patients! As you can imagine, that's the last thing a sick person needs.

Best wishes,

Nick Schou

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