This is NOT a Joke, OC people

The San Bernardino County Sun's Michael Rappaport reported today what every Orange County resident feared: The end is near.

In an article about the increasing affuence of the Inland Empire, Rappaport quoted Redlands-based regional economist John Husing saying—make sure your cocktail is securely placed on the dashboard of your personal jet or, at least, handed to the maid—"Rancho Cucamonga and Claremont" are "becoming the new Orange County."

The scream you just heard was from Susan Kang Schroeder, spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney's office, Republican Party activist and someone who considers George W. Bush a flaming liberal. Will she ever have safety from the encroaching little people?

Now, I don't know if Husing is on the payroll of the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce, but there's already a national TV show about that area. It's called Cops.

We can thank Don Haidl, the used-car salesman and chain-smoking piece of work appointed without merit to assistant sheriff by ethically dubious Mike Carona after a large campaign contribution several years ago.

In fact, the more you think of Sheriff Carona, the more you know he belongs in Rancho Cucamonga. There's the obligatory Bible-thumping, disturbing crotch-grabbing, incessant winks at overweight government secretaries, and hobnobbing/boozing/dining/girl hunting/camping with felons and organized-crime figures.

Of course, I'm kidding. There is no federal prison in Rancho Cucamonga.


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