"This is America, Not Vietnam" and Other Pearls of Wisdom from Westminster's Idiot Mayor

Dunno what they put in the boba in Garden Grove and Westminster, but something's gotta explain why its geriatric gabacho elected officials say the darndest things about Vietnamese. In September, GG councilmember Harry Krebs had to apologize after telling councilwoman Janet Nguyen he couldn't explain his position in Vietnamese. Now we have Westminster Mayor Margie Rice telling the Los Angeles Times that she doesn't support changing the name of tiny Moran Street to that of legendary newspaper publisher Yen Do because "This is America, not Vietnam. You've got to draw the line somewhere." Councilmember Frank Fry chimed in by claiming Do "helped the Vietnamese community; he's done a lot for them, but as far as the city goes, he hasn't done anything for the city." So Do hasn't done nothing for Westminster, Short Fry? If it wasn't for the vision and drive of Vietnamese refugees like Do, Westminster would still be bogs and vacant lots. Really, what else is there in Westminster that's not Little Saigon besides a cemetery, lame Gothic letttering on street signs and a school board trustee with the fantabulous surname Woodcock? Nada (we'd say "no" in Vietnamese at this point, but my ex-girlfriend never taught me anything in Vietnamese besides "Thank you" and "One chicken sandwich"). And Margie sure doesn't have a problem with Vietnamese culture in America when it's election time. Hey Margie: This is America, not Vietnam!


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