They're Not Doing the Wave in One Arizona Household

They're Not Doing the Wave in One Arizona Household

Skateboard maker Street Surfing of Newport Beach is accused of negligence is a lawsuit pending against a central Arizona school district. Nancy Plimpton and Monte Denton allege in Maricopa County Superior Court that their son, Mark Denton, suffered medical problems since hurting his knee after falling off Street Surfing's The Wave board during a Gilbert Junior High School P.E. class in October 2007, reports the Arizona Republic.

Street Surfing and the school district filed papers last week seeking a jury trial.

The youth, who was in the seventh grade at the time of the incident, suffered "permanent physical and emotional disabilities, disfigurement, humiliation and impairment," contends the suit, which seeks unspecified damages. A Street Surfing salesman was marketing the board to the junior high at the time of the incident, alleges the suit, which also accuses the Gilbert school district, a P.E. teacher and another district employee with negligence.

According to the company's website:

THE WAVE board has front and rear flexible panels that are controlled by a spring-oriented torsion bar. It has only two wheels, which are both free to rotate 360 degrees. THE WAVE is self-propelled by twisting your hips and shoulders back and forth in an S-shape motion.

Parental consent should have been obtained before any students stepped onto The Wave, the family maintains.

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