They know their audience...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, what with all the DVDs I get in the mail every day for awards voting. But this isn't a post about them. It's about another very big box that arrived without warning, bearing a large "World of Warcraft" logo.

Now, I am the imagined target audience for this stuff, being into toys and comics and all that, but I've never gotten into online role-playing or collectible card games. Nonetheless, if I were, I'd be so psyched. And I'm kinda psyched anyway. Seems that the San Diego convention center is hosting a big Warcraft card-game tournament next week, and they really, REALLY want me to know about it. Bribery usually works.

After the cut, check out all the free junk that was inside the box...

Big box of cards. Extra packet of cards. Card holder. Coffee mug. Giant mouse pad. Comic book (done in that annoying pseudo-manga style all the big artists are into nowadays).

Oh, and a drawstring backpack. But wait! There's stuff inside that too...

Bless you, Warcraft people. Not just for helping conventiongoers maintain crucial sugar, salt, and caffeine levels, but for giving them mouthwash, deodorant, and hand disinfectant. Well anticipated, friends.

I'm not going to the convention, but I think there may be folks around here who could use the toiletries...


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