There He Is, Mr. Gay Orange County

Orange County holds what's billed as its first Mr. Gay competition Saturday--not counting county GOP Central Committee nominating conventions, of course.

Organizers expect more than a dozen competitors and 300 pageant watchers for an event that "is sure to set some heads turning in this mostly conservative, upscale county more closely associated with pristine beaches, blonde surfers and cable TV reality show housewives."

There He Is, Mr. Gay Orange County
Illustration by Jay Brockman

Illustration by Jay Brockman

There must be pent-up demand for such a spectacle, as the event had to be moved to a larger venue--the City Club, 300 S. Flower St., Orange--due to the size of the expected crowd, organizers say.

Drawing contestants proved more challenging for event organizer Tom Stephens. "The hardest thing was getting contestants," he said. "While there is no lack of very handsome men in Orange County, it seemed so many are either not confident enough or just not interested in doing something for charity."

That's right, unlike the beefcake competition at your local country club, this raises funds for two nonprofits, Orange County AIDS Services Foundation and the Center Orange County. Speaking of donating, geovannyunderwear contributed the brief-briefs that will modeled in the underwear competition.

The mistress of ceremonies is Jewels, not to be confused with crooked-toothed country singer Jewel, and the big mystery is whether she will ask one of the contestants what he thinks of Carrie Prejean being allowed to marry.

The winner advances to the National Mr. Gay competition Nov. 13 in Philadelphia. Email Stephens at to see if you can still get into the Orange qualifier.


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