TheLiberalOC: Allan Bartlett, Ron Paul Fan, Will Get Irvine Finance Commission Appointment

Veteran Orange County Republican activist Allan Bartlett, an outspoken critic of Larry Agran's lefty, tainted political machine in Irvine, will be appointed to the city's finance commission, according to a report today by

Bartlett, a huge Ron Paul fan, has made no secret that he's been suspicious of Agran's operation, especially how the city spent more than $200 million to build a Great Park and yet there's nothing there but a big, Orange balloon.

According to TheLiberalOC, Bartlett runs an investment business in the city and will work on the finance commission as a Christina Shea appointee.

In the wake of the Nov. 6 elections, Shea along with incoming mayor Steven Choi and Jeff Lalloway comprise a new 3-2 Republican majority on the council after 12 consecutive years of Agran's Democratic Party control.

Earlier this year, OC Weekly named Bartlett the county's "Best Republican" in large part because he's honest and, unlike so many characters involved in Orange County politics, he's not a lemming.

Go HERE to read's report.

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