The Weekly Used as Propaganda in Mission Viejo Recall

The news story in the latest dead-tree version of the Weekly is about the attempted recall of Mission Viejo mayor Lance MacLean. MacLean seems to think he's got a chance of surviving the recall because of a few well-publicized setbacks for his political foes.

That doesn't mean the campaign's over by any means. The recall-ers certainly aren't discouraged. Here's a pic of Mission Viejo residents Joe Holtzman and Larry Gilbert on a street corner a week ago:

The Weekly Used as Propaganda in Mission Viejo RecallEXPAND
Spencer Kornhaber / OCW
VioLance! That's... nice. Something about this seems familiar though. Here's an illustration that ran with our cover story about the recall last year:

See a resembLance?

We'd send our lawyers after the recall, but they've already got enough legal problems. Zing! I kid, I kid. It reminds me of the way that the recall proponents keep using an excerpt from the Weekly's March 3, 2009 piece about MacLean. Like, for example, in this editorial cartoon on Mission Viejo Watchdogs, the site run by council candidate Dale Tyler, published just a few weeks ago:

The Weekly Used as Propaganda in Mission Viejo Recall
I do appreciate the byline credit. I expect that next week, the recall will be circulating the next few paragraphs of the article, in which MacLean gives his account of what happened at UCI. I kid, I kid. In Mission Viejo, of course, there's only one side to any story.

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