The Top Five Most Violent Moments in Lakers History

With the Lakers facing the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, we can't wait for the rematch between Metta World Peace and beard-boy James Harden. Really James, that 'bow to your dome was an accident. 
Here are the Top Five most violent moments in Lakers history.

5. On Behalf of Lakers Fans, Rick Fox Goes Upside Doug Christie's Head

The Top Five Most Violent Moments in Lakers History

The Lakers' last, real, bad-blood rivalry continued during a 2002 pre-season game against the Sacramento Kings, when Fox fouled Christie by elbowing him to the floor. They trash-talked each other and Fox gave Christie a shove to the mug. Christie countered  with a punch to Fox's pretty face, and shit was on. Both players were ejected, and Fox went after Christie in the tunnel and put him in a headlock. Security finally separated the players. 

4. Shaq and Charles Barkley Go at It

The Top Five Most Violent Moments in Lakers History

During the first half of a 1999 game against the Houston Rockets, Shaq caught Barkley with an accidental elbow to head, after Chuck grabbed a rebound. Not in a grateful mood, Barkley threw the ball at Shaq's head. Shaq responded with a left that nipped Barkley, who then body-slammed him to the floor. Southern boy know how to git down. Both were ejected, fined and suspended for the rematch two days later.
3. James Harden's Head Attacks Metta World Peace's Elbow

The Top Five Most Violent Moments in Lakers History

This just happened.

2. Kevin McHale Clotheslines Kurt Rambis

The Top Five Most Violent Moments in Lakers History

Typical Celtics. Ugly. Nasty. Damn good. During Game 4 of the 1984 NBA Finals, McHale takes out Rambis during a break-away layup, in an era where athletes didn't need bounties to pull crap like that. Rambis jumped to his feet, and the only thing that saved McHale's ass was James Worthy, who kept Rambis from murdering him. The moment was perhaps one of the most pivotal in the Lakers' dynasty that decade, as they lost the series, but found their stones and won five titles during the era. It was a shocking moment in a critical game. And fuck the Chicago Bulls and the watered-down league they dominated: the 1980s Laker dynasty was the greatest ever.

1. Kermit Washington Punches a Hole Through Rudy Tomjanovich's Face

The Top Five Most Violent Moments in Lakers History

There was a time when NBA players didn't throw sissy punches. During a 1977 game against the Rockets, Washington was involved in a skirmish with Kevin Kunnert. Tomjanovich ran up behind Washington. Big mistake. Washington turned and delivered a straight punch to Tomjanovich's grill, leaving him crumpled on a bloody Forum floor. Lesson learned: don't fuck with guys named Kermit.

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