The Safe Place To Brandish A Paintball Gun: Coruscant

For a while there yesterday, it looked like that whole UCI rifleman scare might have all been over a paintball gun. It wasn't -- instead, it was over a similarly non-lethal airsoft gun.

The incident reminds us of an important issue: Paintballing is pretty fun. Or at least, it was in middle school. To revisit memories, I checked out the website of the paintballing park at OC-adjacent Camp Pendleton marine base, and found... this:

The Safe Place To Brandish A Paintball Gun: Coruscant

Yes, there's a Star Wars-themed paintball blowout at Pendleton on May 30. Details here, including a trailer complete with a scrolling-paragraphs-in-space intro. My seventh-grade self would be freaking out... actually, my current day self is freaking out as well.

Seems like a good way to vent some of the tension from yesterday's confusing standoff. Squint, and the leafy Pendleton paintball course resembles Endor!

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