The Really - Really - Really - Real - This - Time - We - Mean - It OC Recap

It is prom season in Newport Harbor and, boy howdy, are the children all in a tizzy about the festivities.

Who will ask whom? What will they wear? Will they be renting a stretch limo or a stretch Hummer limo? Oh, the problems these poor deprived youths have. Its shameful!

A quick side trip: Let's examine the names of our three male leads, shall we? Grant, Chase, and Clay. We've got two verbs, and a soil used to make pots. What a collection. We might as well name them Bounce, Hammer, and Adobe.

Anyway, the excitement is super palpable and the kids all make these grand gestures just to ask each other to prom. Its really quite cute. And by cute I mean nauseating. And by nauseating I mean it makes me want to jam my thumbs into my eyeballs.

So the pairings end up like this: Chrissy and Clay - duh. Allie and Chase - um, ok. Grant and Sasha - ugh.

So the kids go out and have a splendid time. Clay and Chrissy have another gripping conversation shown here: "So how stoked are you to come [to prom] with me?" Clay asks. "I'm stoked," Chrissy answers. "So stoked," Clay says. Jesus. Its brilliant.

At the after-party Chrissy and Clay are all over each other making out on the couch, and its getting pretty steamy.You can tell the other boys are itchin' for some lovin' as well. I mean its senior prom. Come on ladies!

So Grant tries to put the moves on Sasha, but noooooo. Sasha is not having any of Grant's action. It's pretty fun to watch the look on her face. Poor Grant, he has his hand on her leg and Sasha's face looks like she just walked in on her naked dad doing jumping jacks or something. Hilarious! Best thing this show has offered up all season.

But then they go and ruin it by trying to add drama to the story line.

The drama, Taylor, shows up at the after-party and totally soils Chase's game with Allie. You see, Allie doesn't like Taylor because Taylor and Chase used to date and so now Allie makes a big deal and asks someone to tell Taylor to leave the party. Bitch move Allie. Not very lady like.

Poor Taylor starts crying but leaves the party anyway because she is a classy bitch and then Allie hears Chase calling Taylor on the phone to say that he's sorry or something. But when Allie hears this she gets pissed that he's calling another girl and leaves, too. Ha ha Chase! That's what you get for playing two girls at the same time! Matter of fact, that's what Allie gets for dating a guy who is more handsome than he is coherent. Bangdon.


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