The real rockstars of Supernova win!

As reported here (Rock Stars My Destination by Chris Ziegler) Costa Mesa's true Supernova started up the litigation machine to win their rightful name back from the come-lately Supernova put together for the CBS reality show Rock Star: Supernova. And today they won. Press release says:

Under the terms of the settlement, the Orange County rockers will continue to retain the rights to the name "Supernova." [Reality TV magnate Mark] Burnett's band, which is anchored by drummer Tommy Lee and recently named reality show contestant Lukas Rossi lead singer, may use the name "Rock Star Supernova"--the name of the CBS TV reality show which gave birth to the new band. The remaining settlement terms are confidential.

This is the second happiest conclusion possible, just under Supernova getting a special reality show all their own. Congratulations to the plaintiffs. Say hi to the guys at or shake hands live at the following shows:

10/14 - SAN DIEGO - Hot Monkey Love Cafe 10/15 - POMONA - Bamboozle Festival 12/01 - SALT LAKE CITY, UT - In The Venue 12/02 - DENVER, CO - Gothic Theatre


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