Did Steve Carell blaze the trail for Anthony J. Tarquinto?
Did Steve Carell blaze the trail for Anthony J. Tarquinto?
Photo by Star Foreman

The Real 40-Year-Old Virgin Abides

Aliso Viejo's Anthony J. Tarquinto, who is profiled in today's News section, may have The 40 Year Old Virgin star Steve Carell to thank for making it okay to be a real-life, 40-year-old virgin.

"People are not creeped out by it like I thought they'd be," Tarquinto tells me. "It's not dirty."

Tarquinto, who goes by "Tony" and turns 41 in November, was expecting the creeper tag when a couple friends at the City of Industry Easy Life furniture store he works at suggested he write his self-published book, The Real 40 Year Old Virgin of Orange County (which can be read online at thereal40yearoldvirgin.us).

One thing Tarquinto is asked by those who find out about his book and lack-of-nookie-hood is why the devout Roman Catholic simply did not become a priest.

He answers that he found out at an early age the priesthood was not for him.

Tarquinto told me he hated going public with his private life and that he holds out hope of finding Ms. Right (as in correct and conservative) some day, after he's finished his crusade to save America.

With or without a mate, he vowed to continue "trying to live up to the intellectual giants of the Catholic Church," citing St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Avery Dulles and John Paul II.

St. Tony, anyone?


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