The Pink Robe

As a receptionist I get to see tons of cool shit come through the mail. Never mine - but meh - it's all good. Today was no exception as I instant messaged Patty Marsters: "You've got some mail!"

She appeared at my window and squealed, "OOoooo!"

I handed her my pair of scissors and we both stared at this box with HUGE smiles on our faces.

There were oodles and oodles of free things in it - stylish things. There was a nail clipper set, some cool nail polish that I would go as far as to rename "Erin Dewitt Red". Also a cute little DVD holder with all the latest episodes from the Style network.

However, one item caught my eye - a pink bathrobe!

"Oh my goodness Patty can I wear it?" - Me "Of course! Oh it looks wonderful!" - Patty

As you can see, it matches perfectly with the pink beach cruiser here in our sales department.

PS. Yup, that's a fake crow there on the ceiling - a friend of Ryan Cox.


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