The Perverted Albert Lee Schildknecht, Admitted Teen Molester

Amazing news: A music director for a Catholic institution will get penalized for abusing a teen, and the institution is not Mater Dei High! Albert Lee Schildknecht, former music director of St. Timothy Church in Laguna Niguel (current home of pedo-apologist John Urell) received probation last Friday for agreeing to plead guilty to molesting a 15-year-old in the late 1990s. It continues the Orange diocese's amazing, disgusting record of having seen only one of its employees go immediately to prison for kiddie-fiddling (Gerardo Tanilong; Andrew Christian Andersen originally received a suspended sentence). And, frankly, we're amazed the judge didn't toss Schildknecht in the slammer after his disgusting personal statement for leniency.

Schildknecht's excuse for the molestations? His victim made him "feel so young" and she acted mature for her age. Gawd, is there any sense of law and order in Orange County courts anymore?


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