Now, if Freedom14 had put this idiot on a T-shirt, I'd probably sing a different tune...
Now, if Freedom14 had put this idiot on a T-shirt, I'd probably sing a different tune...

The Perfect Christmas Present for the Terrorist-Sympathizing White Supremacist in your Clan!

Even racists need to pay the bills, and that's why the white-supremacists-in-cargo-shorts who call themselves Freedom14 have a T-shirt business. Their website only has rags with the F14 logo, but occasionally make special prints. That's what happened over the holiday season, when the Garden Grove-based group hosted a special sale on shirts with the image of Robert Mathews.

Don't know him, non-neo-Nazi-nitwits? Mathews just happens to be a white-supremacist icon and one of the few successful bona fide terrorists to succeed on American soil. He was the founder of The Order, the white-supremacist terrorist group most infamous for murdering Denver talk-radio host Alan Berg outside his home during the 1980s. One of Mathews' acolytes, David Lane, died in prison for Berg's death and also created the 14 Words ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children"), the slogan that skinheads clumsily mix in their lives like lefties do Che. Bank robberies, racial intimidation, counterfeiting, racial intimidation, all in the name of the White man--sounds like the actions of pendejos to most everyone.

Of course, that's not how the Freedom14 gang classifies Mathews and the Order

"In honor of Bob Mathews and the ultimate sacrifice he made for our people on this day in 1984, Freedom 14 has graciously offered to host a new shirt designed by one of their supporters," went the ad on white-power circle jerk The crowd unsurprisingly lapped the offer up, and betcha they'll bring it back. That Freedom14 would consider Mathews a hero worthy of wearing on a T-shirt should show people once and for all that the group isn't the nice, concerned citizens they portray themselves as but really a collection of ex-cons and the people who aspire to such a loser life.


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