The Other F-Me Pump Drops for Sarah Palin

The Other F-Me Pump Drops for Sarah Palin

Right after her stunning loss to Loretta Sanchez in the Great Navel Gazing Fashion-off, the other pump dropped for former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Apparently, The Associated Press got ahold of a report about an ethics complaint involving Alaska's departing governor and the Alaska Fund Trust, her legal defense fund. Why does Palin need a legal defense fund? Because of all the brewing ethics complaints, silly.

The report obtained by The Associated Press says Palin is securing unwarranted benefits and receiving improper gifts through the Alaska Fund Trust, set up by supporters.

An investigator for the state Personnel Board says in his July 14 report that there is probable cause to believe Palin used or attempted to use her official position for personal gain because she authorized the creation of the trust as the "official" legal defense fund.

Of course, Palin is probably much more upset over being defeated on the runway by Sanchez (and her pussy). What? Her cat! That was a reference to her cat!

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