The Orange County's Connection to Accused Murderer Esteban Nunez

Local girl Adriana Maestas's Latino Politics Blog is probably the best blog covering Latino national politics (we wished she covered the shenanigans of the Banana Republic a bit more, but we digress). She's witty, properly outraged, and can dig like Moxley--someone pay her to write, stat! She recently posted the MySpace pictures of accused murderer Esteban Nuñez, son of former Assembly speaker Fabian Nuñez, and they're not exactly flattering: Esteban thugging it out, wielding a knife, seemingly toking a joint, and other wholesome activities that led Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to remark that he's a "good kid." But the strangest picture? The one seen here, with the young Nuñez wearing a shirt proclaiming "Orange County." I don't know of any connections the Nuñez family have to our piece of Eden, so the kid must be as pendejo as he looks for dressing like a thugged-out Iowan, ¿qué no?


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