The Orange County Interwebs Horror Show Returns With Moms I'd Like to Facebook

Due to overwhelming underwhelming demand, the Orange County Interwebs Horror Show returns . . . with a twist!

Previously, items from and about Orange County on the Interwebs festered in a bin until the . . . uh . . . writer collected a half dozen or less for a post, roughly once every whenever-he-felt-like-it.

No more! Now, individual items will be foisted upon you whenever they roll in and the . . . ahem . . . writer has time to crank it back out. So, here's the first single-item feature:

Under the title, "Any Milfs from Orange County, CA?" luvinit01, who is identified as 25 and from Huntington Beach, asks: "Any Milfs want to hang out?"

Upcoming Events

Some choice responses:

"Where at? OCC?"

"They're all at the microbrewery in downtown HB."

"Imma GILF."

"MILFs? This is your sales pitch?"

"Sorry, I'm taken by a big burly Croc-wearing mountain man."

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