The Orange County Interwebs Horror Show II

Welcome back to the next installment of our weekly feature that searches the darkest, scariest and orangiest corners of the Interwebs to find out what outsiders and insiders have to say about and from Orange County.

Where Am I? So overblown by the talent of Disney Channel songstress Selena Gomez was a reviewer that she obviously forgot where she was: "Spending the evening in entertainment mode, Selena Gomez and her band performed at the LA County Fair held at the Pomona Fairgrounds in Orange County on Saturday." It's so sweet of LA County to hold its annual fair in Orange County, no? (

Dollar Dance The Orange County wedding band known as Tino Productions has slashed its fee. "These difficult economic times have shown us all that we're all in this together in that we should be working with one another in order to keep all services and products affordable and readily available to those who need them," says Tino. "It is my hope that this reduction in price will allow individuals who were once apprehensive about our services to price to reconsider their position and give us a second look." Hopefully Tino's offer will warm cold feet. (

Illustration by Jay Brockman
Wanted Man

Last week featured a Redskins fan teeing off on former Washington quarterback Colt Brennan of Laguna Beach. What a difference two weeks out of an NFL jobs can do for a guy."BRING BACK COLT BRENNAN!!" pleads a fan of the team that last cut Brennan, the Oakland Raiders. "Get rid of Boller or Jason, and bring back Colt Brennan. Let's be done with failed players. While Grad is our best bet now, Colt Brennan could be our future. Wake up Raider Nation!" That idea brought an immediate reaction from another Raiderette, who makes a joke out of Brennan's alma mater, the University of Hawaii: "ONLY QBS FROM THE MAINLAND NO FOREIGNERS. (


). Calls for Brennan's services came from fans of NFL teams all over the country, even North Carolina, where a Colt backer titled his message, "Panthers please sign COLT BRENNAN!" (

Panthers Huddle


Head Case

No such love is being showered on the quarterback Brennan backed up at Mater Dei High School, Matt Leinart. Truth be told, the QB who in 10 days went from Arizona Cardinals starter to Houston Texans third stringer has become the punchline of many jokes involving NFL flops. But Leinart is still head and shoulders above the competition in one regard. "I want to get my hair to look like this but I'm too embarrassed to bring in a picture," laments a fellow who offers the photo at right. "I get my hair cut at a really trendy place and I think the people there would laugh at me if I brought in a picture of a football player. The cut has the hair a little over the ears and a little shaggy but not too long. I have sorta long hair now and I want it to be cleaned up without being considered short. Thanks for any help." You are quite welcome. Any chance you can read a defense? (


. . . And I Approve This Message Greg Sebourn breaks the news on the Fullerton Unit of the California Republican Assembly (CRA) endorsed Greg Sebourn for Fullerton City Council at a Saturday morning joint-unit meeting in Yorba Linda. Sebourn, the blogger, goes on to land an exclusive interview from Sebourn, the candidate: "Thank you to all of the Fullerton members who came out to support me," says Mr. Sebourn in the post written by Mr. Sebourn. "It is exciting to see that my message to take back Fullerton City Hall with critical issues on pension reform, public infrastructure and make our local government accountable resonates with the Fullerton CRA." Great report there, Sebourn the blogger, but let me give you this warning, from personal experience: once Sebourn, the candidate, gets elected, he'll never take your calls again. ( (Email from THE Greg Sebourn: "Matt, Pretty funny stuff . . .  First, Allen Wilson, my campaign manager, wrote the release. Second, he spelled my name right--Sebourn, not Seabourn. Also, I always try to take calls immediately. If I don't answer it NOW, I have always returned the call within 24hrs--except telemarketers selling newspaper advertising space and slate mailers.")

Oily to Bed Kelly "Fat Momma" N. asks: "Where to go for a group of thirty somethings looking to take out 2 recently divorced girlfriends for a fun night of dinner drinks and ... ?" You are supposed to leave "..." to your imagination, apparently. First responders point Fat Momma to Bandera, Three Thirty Three and Mastros, although Alex "Diesel" D. has a totally different place in mind: "My bedroom can fit at least 6 of you. 8 if were use baby oil..." (yelp)

It's Electrifying "We are heading to the Hyatt Huntington Beach over Thanksgiving," asks an out-of-towner. "We were told that there is a large power plant next to the Hyatt. Is this true? How far away is the plant from the Hyatt? And is it very noticeable, or is it just something that sits out on the horizon and is not obvious?" Naw, you'll never even notice it's there. In fact, look below and see how well it blends it with the coastal sage scrub. (Santa Barbara Solutions)

The invisible AES plant
The invisible AES plant
City of Huntington Beach

City of Huntington Beach
The invisible AES plant


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