The OC Couple Who Gave More than $1.3 Million to the Church of Scientology--Only to Leave

The OC Couple Who Gave More than $1.3 Million to the Church of Scientology--Only to Leave

Over the past couple of weeks, the St. Petersburg Times has been publishing their latest blockbuster series on the Church of Scientology, that ever-mockable collection of has-been movie stars and good people being driven to donate more and more money just to realize an intergalatic overlord name Xenu is the problem behind it all. Two of those good people are Luis and Rocio Garcia, who gave more than $1.3 million to Scientology since 1982--but left the church last year because they feel the current hierarchy is corrupt beyond belief. Ya think?
The St. Pete profile is here, but Luis penned a fascinating post of his own on the blog of leading Scientology dissenter Marty Rathburn that has a lot of juicy details about how Scientology operates. You should read the entire post, because there is a lot of juicy gossip regarding Scientology's 2006 purchase of a building in downtown SanTana, historically the Masonic Lodge, and restored to its original splendor by evil landlord Mike Harrah before selling it to the Xenu zoo. It's been virtually empty ever since, to the point where the Co$ couldn't even pay their water bill, but Garcia also claims that church volunteers have been forced to sleep in the building every night since 2007 as impromptu security guards, since the area where it stands, as Garcia puts it, "is not precisely Beverly Hills."

Garcia continues to believe in the tenets of Scientology--just not in the Church. Let's hope he reveals more juicy gossip soon...

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