The OC Connection to KPFK's Anti-Semitic Show

The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles has a fascinating article in tomorrow's edition about "La Causa," a show that airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on KPFK-FM 90.7 and is hosted by a 1960s refugee who calls himself Augustin Cebada (not his real name) and allows some of the worst anti-Semitic bile to soil Southern California since La Voz de Aztlan—and more on that connection in a bit! I'm quoted in the piece by reporter Robert Loiderman, probably because I host a show on KPFK but more likely because I got the Journal to pay attention to anti-Semitic lunatic Latinos years ago with this piece on La Voz. Loiderman did a great job, although a bit too measured for my tastes considering "Cebada" has previously allowed listeners to rail about ZOG and insist Jews have their symbols on American currency. Most importantly, Loiderman forgot to mention the Orange County connections to "La Causa."

One of them is La Voz de Aztlan, the gay-bashing, Jew-trashing website run by a former Buena Park employee named Hector Carreon (note: Carreon is a Sephardic last name) who operates his bit of Internet caca from Whittier. "Cebada" is so far off the deep end that he interviewed Carreon in 2007 as if La Voz de Aztlan was a legitimate voice. The audio is no longer up on the KPFK archives, but Carreon still has a page crowing about his appearance on "La Causa" and even claimed he'd be working with "Cebada" on the show. "La Voz de Aztlan is working with the staff of 'La Causa' to create additional radio programming at KPFK for La Raza. Anyone interested in this project should contact La Voz de Aztlan," Carreon wrote. Did anything come out of this partnership of pendejos? Still does: "Cebada" and his guests still give shout-outs to La Voz and frequently use the site as talking points the way conservatives use Rush.

But La Voz isn't even the closest Orange County connection to "La Causa." That would be a weekly moron who calls himself Tlaloc.

The name itself should raise alarms: How many people who have Nahuatl names that aren't Citlali or Quetzal were actually born with them? Tlaloc is "Cebada's" Orange County correspondent, but usually spends his time railing about Jews; just last week, "Tlaloc" said he felt little sympathy for the victims of Bernie Madoff because, like the felon, those victims were "shylocks and shysters." He said this twice, and when the hell was the last, non-Shakespearean time you heard someone use the term "shylock" to describe someone? When I repeated that line to my colleague, Nick Schou, he laughed the type of gallows-humor laugh someone who has spent years monitoring hate groups only can do.

"Tlaloc" tries to opine on Orange County issues, but his grasp of la naranja's stories is as laughable as "Cebada" making up a new name for himself. He once said Larry "Nativo" Lopez wasn't radical enough and then talked about Chicano rights icon Bert Corona organizing in OC during a citrus strike "in the 1940s or 1950s" in Orange County alongside Fred Ross, the mentor to Cesar Chavez. Four huge problems with this when matched up against the historical record that is Corona's autobiography, Memories of Chicano History: The Life and Narrative of Bert Corona:

1. The last citrus strike in Orange County was the 1936 Citrus War.
2. 1936 is not the 1940s or 1950s.
3. Corona never worked alongside Fred Ross
4. The only time Corona spent as a young organizer in Orange County was in helping out with a lawsuit in Westminster in 1938 and when he was stationed at the Santa Ana Army Air Base for a while during World War II.

Hopefully, KPFK management boots these bums off the air. And, until they do, people, we'll be covering this waste of radio space like we do Barbara Coe, Ergun Kirlikovali, Carreon and other hate-mongers—even more so since "Cebada" and "Tlaloc" just give more fodder to the Know Nothing nation. Gracias for nothing, babosos.


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