The OC Blade: Gay marriage? What's that?

So how did the Blade, the self-proclaimed "connection to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendred community" for Orange County and Long Beach, cover Tuesday's gay marriage extravaganza?


Well, judging by the Blade's web site, it appears that the mucky-mucks at the Laguna Beach-based mag haven't yet heard that the California state supreme court voted last month to legally recognize same-sex marriage -- only the most ground-breaking, Earth-shaking moment in the history of the gay-rights movement, like, ever. (Note highly ironic headline on the cover of their current issue: "Breaking News.") Tuesday was the first day the new law became effective, and pantsloads of media coverage ensued. At the OC clerk/recorder's office in the old courthouse in Santa Ana, there were reporters and photographers from the Weekly, the Register, at least one Spanish-language TV station, KNBC-4, and a horde of others.

And where was the Blade?


Okay, it's entirely possible there was someone there from the Blade covering it for their next monthly print issue, which should be hitting the stands any day now. Maybe they sent a team of reporters to the South County clerk's office where marriages were also being performed and licenses were being handed out. But really -- shouldn't the Blade be breaking just a little bit of this huge, huge story on their web site?

You'd think.

And then you remember our own R. Scott Moxley's kick-ass coverage of how the Blade wrote nothing about one of their biggest advertisers, Steven Kooshian, a Southern California AIDS doctor, who secretly injected his patients with water and multivitamins instead of life-saving drugs...and, sadly, you just gotta shrug and say "It figures."


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