The Meek Shall Inherit My Boot Up Their Ass

Epiphany. For awhile now I've wondered how America could exit in its bizarre current dynamic, with the Christian right flexing its government-sanctioned power, in flagrant defiance of the separation of church and state. Christians who love their neighbors, provided their neighbors accept Jesus. Conservatives of the most spiteful sort, who love to site all the dark bits of Scripture but always forget about things like "love thy neighbor", especially if thy neighbor wants to indulge in a same-sex marriage.

It's almost like there's a line-item veto mindset when it comes to morals based in religious teaching these days. Makes sense to me; who wants to think of themselves as damned, as flawed, as evil? Catholics get around it by confession, Jesus died for our sins, et cetera. Orthodox types get around it by being, well, orthodox. Lots of black hats and beards, and fairly dull parties. Everyone else gets around it by saying, "I'm not negligent; I'm not thoughtless, cruel or criminally oblivious. No, I'm just like everyone else. Nobody's perfect. Everyone screws up. Who cares?" Well, I care. But that's my lot in life. I'm just meek like that.

And there we have it. My revelation today was that somewhere down the line, these folks declared war on the meek. "The meek shall inherit the Earth," said Jesus, and thousands of years later the reaction to this seems to be, "Not if the less meek have anything to say about it!" Look at Kanab, Utah (after all, the LA Times did). The city council there voted on a Natural Family resolution last year in a bid to prop up the natural, nuclear family of husband, wife, and children. The plan has come under fire from single parents, married couples unable to conceive, long-term partners, orphans, widows, widowers, birds, bees, educated trees and me, mainly because it's stupid and insulting.

According to the mastermind behind the Natural Family concept, Paul Mero, "They [everyone who disagrees with me] ought to unselfishly set aside their own experiences in life and, for the greater good, say, 'Yeah, I get it. The natural family really does benefit society.'" Mero runs the conservative think-tank Sutherland Institute, also in Utah. Yes, if we all stopped procreating now then things would get dull in about 90 years, but this does not mean the natural family EXCLUSIVELY benefits society.

The Manson Family also had ideas on benefitting society

Thomas Jefferson once said, "It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg." Similarly, it matters not to me whether my neighbor wants a male or a female spouse. It neither offends my morals nor penetrates my anus with a dildo.

But of course this is just the obvious social dynamic playing itself out. The meek aren't going to strut about telling other people what to do. So the jerks wander around wondering why everyone isn't more like them, more jerky and less meek, and god damn it but if people aren't going to sort themselves out, then the jerks will have to do it for them.

But one day all the jerks will die. And the meek will gather for the reading of the will, some hoping for an extensive collection of Cracker-Jack memorabilia but most waiting with white-knuckled anticipation for a jerk-free Earth. Or perhaps the jerks will all nuke each other into prehistory, at which point the cockroaches will assert themselves.

Hey, cockroaches are pretty meek.

The image
Yeah, I'm real meek. Mind if I meekly lie on your face til you wake up?


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