The MacLean Recall: It's On
Ed Piskor / OC Weekly

The MacLean Recall: It's On

More than a month after Mission Viejo Mayor Pro Tem was presented a letter stating the intention of 51 citizens to have him recalled from office, MacLean's opponents have gotten the go-ahead to begin gathering signatures from the general populace to get the recall on the ballot.

Yesterday, Mission Viejo city clerk Karen Hamman finally signed off on the format of the the statement against MacLean, after originally sending it back to recall leader Dale Tyler to have him fix typos and remove bold-faced type. The Mission Viejo Dispatch reports that about about 9,200 signatures will be needed to qualify the measure for a citywide vote, but the activists are looking to go beyond that number just to be safe.

Read the full story of the recall effort in the Weekly here.


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